Point West Mizuno: Excellence. Leadership. Culture.

At Point West Mizuno, we have teams suited to maximize the skills and talents of all our players. Each player is coached to ensure she is developed to her fullest potential and we are committed to the high level training of all of our athletes within a positive learning environment. Whether it is first-time volleyball players or experienced athletes, Point West takes pride in developing fundamental skills at all levels. The coaches at Point West VBC are committed to the advancement of the individual athlete within the team concept. Learning proper fundamentals and understanding dynamic team systems are vital for the athlete who wishes to maximize her potential.

Point West is dedicated to providing the best coaching staff available – period. All our coaches are of the highest caliber, and have extensive playing and coaching experience. All of our coaches have either coached or played at the collegiate level and their first priority is to produce fine athletes. What also makes Point West so special are the female leaders on our staff. The club directors and members of the coaching team are accomplished female competitors. These commanding women provide inspiration and instruction like no one else, as they have experienced first-hand what it’s like for a female athlete in the volleyball community. Many years of hard work, discipline, and determination combined with a passion for the game have allowed them to instill a sense of pride and community among all their teams and we have a reputation for providing a structured practice environment that allows each athlete to grow in confidence and develop pride in themselves and their team.

Our goal is to also to empower young woman beyond the gym. We want every player to leave Point West feeling successful and confident in who they are and what they have accomplished. We pride ourselves on teaching the girls how to be responsible and accountable all while truly enjoying the experience of growing as an athlete and contributing to the team. Additionally, through our fundraising opportunities, we encourage the girls to get involved with their communities and further develop strong social skills. While playing to win is our focus, we emphasize personal accountability, time management, and interpersonal skills through athletics. We are committed to producing not just outstanding athletes, but outstanding young women.


Point West Mizuno Volleyball Club is dedicated to:

~Advancing the personal and athletic development of youth through the pursuit of
excellence in volleyball.

~Promoting leadership in all club members

~Fostering a sense of community throughout the club.