Jo Ann Smith (parent of 2 former athletes at Point West):  "Point West has been the best volleyball experience my two daughters have had.  The caliber of coaching is incredible.  Mix experience, quality teaching, fairness and just good people and that is what the coaches are at Point West.  You gain so much more than volleyball here, you receive good role models for your daughters and a meaningful club season.  Point West is what every volleyball club should be."

Kathy Mulford (parent of former Point West athlete and current D1 player):  “We chose Point West and stayed with Point West for our daughter’s entire club career (4 years) for several reasons. Personal touch- Point West was a smaller club allowing coaches to take a personal interest in all their players. The coaches’ goals were to help each girl reach their own personal goal…for our daughter it was a D1 scholarship. At Point West all the coaches know all the players on every team! You don’t find that in those mega clubs. For Point West it’s personal…it’s family!  Coaching- Point West coaches had experience at the collegiate level and knew what it takes to reach that level. Coaches that could assist our daughter not only with volleyball skills, but personal growth needed to succeed in her goals beyond volleyball. They were role models for our daughter.  Recruiting- Point West travels to tournaments in different regions of the country exposing players to a wide variety of opportunity.  Point West was definitely the best choice for our daughter!”
Shawna Korshavn (2 year player at Point West):  “My name is Shawna Korshavn, and I played for the Point West Volleyball Club in the 2011 and 2012 seasons.  In 2011, I played on Spencer MacCuish’s 17U team.  This team was a very special experience because Coach Spencer related volleyball to life.  He always encouraged us to play with excellence and live life with excellence.  He also set goals for each match that re-applied what we had learned in practice the previous week.  Coach Spencer made sure we were constantly improving by making decisions with a purpose.  In 2012, I played on Staci Venski’s 18U team.  This was one of my favorite teams that I have played for.  Both my teammates and Coach Staci made that season the highlight of my volleyball career.  Coach Staci pushed us to play our best and always seemed to know what we needed as a team.  My team was hard enough on ourselves, and, because of this, Coach Staci would push us when we were playing well and then be an outside source of positive encouragement when we were playing poorly.  Both of my years at Point West were very significant to my volleyball career, and I plan to use many of the principles I learned at Point West when I become a volleyball coach.  Point West knows how to help girls improve both as volleyball players and as people.” 

Halley Weinstock (3 year player at Point West): “Playing for Point West did not just improve my volleyball skills. It increased my confidence and my leadership abilities while teaching me that I could reach goals I never thought were achievable. Point West had such a positive impact on my volleyball experience and I know the coaches and players that contributed to my development will be a part of my life for many years to come.”

Greg Korshavn (parent of former Point West athlete):
Point West was a good volleyball home for my daughter, Shawna, during her last two years of club volleyball before she headed off to play at Whitworth University.  Her coaches, Spencer and Staci, were supportive and encouraging.  They cared as much about the girls’ personal growth as they did about the growth of the girls’ volleyball skills.  Today, Shawna continues to carry with her the life and volleyball philosophies that Spencer and Staci taught her.  The club director, Kristine, provided an organized and well run volleyball program.   As a parent, I could not have asked for a better volleyball/life environment for Shawna.”

Debbie Sears (parent of former Point West athlete and current D1 player):  “We cannot say enough great things about Point West Volleyball Club and its coaching staff!  Our daughter agreed to play at Point West not knowing who else was on the team or who her coach would be.  After her try-out she said, “I learned more there in an hour then I did in two years at the other club”. The coaches are tough, but genuine.  They work tirelessly to develop each player’s volleyball skill and emphasize characteristics that are important in life, not just volleyball, like respect, responsibility and accountability.  Despite a team’s win/loss record, at the end of the club season each girl playing at Point West will be a better player. What sets Point West apart from other clubs is that the coaches truly care about the girls, not only as volleyball players, but as individuals.  Our daughter just finished her second year of playing at the collegiate level and to this day her Point West coach is a role model and mentor to her. We’ve referred many families to Point West and will continue to do so as we know the exceptional experience that awaits those who become part of the Point West family.”

Sherri & Chris Weinstock (parents of current and former Point West athletes): “We have three daughters who are a part of the Point West Volleyball family. Due to the organized practices, the focus on technical skills, the positive coaching and the stress placed on playing as a team, our children’s on court achievements have been tremendous. What sets Point West apart from other clubs is their desire to develop confident, successful young women. They invest time and energy in the growth of each girl as they mature and learn about themselves and what they can achieve as a volleyball player, person and part of a team.”

Eirene Kim (player at Point West):  “Even though I have played for 5 different clubs, whenever someone asks me what club I played for I always say Point West. It was my last year of club before I went off to college so it was hard when my previous team broke apart.  But it was not just my teammates and their families that welcomed me and my family with open arms, but the entire club was very welcoming as well. I've never played with a better group of girls before. In addition, I learned so much from Staci and the rest of the coaching staff at PW, things that have stayed with me as I continue on through my college career and through life.  PW attracts dedicated and talented players and coaches. I could never thank this club enough, because they did so much for me in that one year that I played for them.” 

Amber Hawthorne (player at Point West):  “Playing for Point West was such a fun and memorable experience. I tried out after my senior season in high school, and knew that playing for Point West (on Staci’s team) was going to be the best decision for me! Looking back, I couldn’t be happier with my final season of club volleyball—it was fun, competitive, and pushed me to improve as much as possible before starting my collegiate career. Our team was highly skilled, and with Staci as our coach, we formed one of the most motivated teams I have ever played for. Not to mention the phenomenal group of women I was fortunate enough to play with, many of which I am still close with today. All in all, Point West gave me the volleyball experience I was looking for, as well as a close-knit family atmosphere.”

Kalle Mulford (4 year player at Point West):  “I played at Point West for 4 years. It is where I learned how to play volleyball. It was an amazing experience that helped earn me a Division 1 college scholarship to the school of my choosing. The coaches at Point West really invested in me as a person and not just a player and that is why I became so successful as a volleyball player. If I had not played for Point West I know I would not be college volleyball player at Central Michigan...”